David Joyce for Yuba County Supervisor District 1


  • The County must manage its funds better and also have a serious discussion on how to bring in new revenue streams. Yuba County has for decades had a reputation outside of its borders as being a County that cannot manage its funds properly. This culture needs to change as everything originates from the fiscal aspect in terms of running local government.
  • Addressing the Peachtree Mall area and all the blight and problems that come from it. Growing up in Boston, I saw broken window theory put to use firsthand and saw it save our city. I fully intend to spend each day working to implement it here. The days of garbage on the side of the road, rundown malls and seedy hotels need to end. They only take away from our community and promote a culture of despair.
  • A budget surplus. We need to set this as a goal and talk about it daily. My wife and I came here from Citrus Heights which at one point had a surplus budget of over 40 million. If we do not set this goal it will never happen and the excuse of “we do not have the funds” will continue to be the answer when asked about basic government functions such as running water at the park or garbage removal.
  •  Zero tolerance code enforcement. This is a huge issue in our community as there is a ton of blatant blight or noise violations that go unenforced. The loose animal issue in our area is also entered a phase where it is almost epidemic. Not only does enforcement make our community better, it also for better or worse is a source of revenue.
  • Addressing the crime narrative in the district and clarifying it. Currently, I feel there is a huge disconnect between law enforcement and the district in terms what is actually going on crime wise but also what law enforcement faces in terms of personnel, funds etc. I hope to be the liaison that fixes that through constant communication of facts and public events where law enforcement can deliver their message to my district. I also will be a firm believer in metric-based policing. I will ask law enforcement for monthly reports on where the high crime areas are in the district and what is being done in terms of metrics to address those areas.
  • Being accessible and listening to the constituents of my district. Every day I gain support from people because I simply listen and also make myself accessible. The people of my district deserve it. After my election in June I fully intend to continue to have a mobile office and meet as many people face to face as I can and help solve their issues.

Joyce For Supervisor 2018
5429 Madison Ave Sacramento CA 95841
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