David Joyce for Yuba County Supervisor District 1

Elect David Joyce for
Yuba County Supervisor District 1

I am an Air Force Veteran and was stationed right here in my district at Beale AFB from 2003-2007. My wife and I moved back to the area a year ago as it is a place I’ve always considered my second home. Upon getting settled, I started to notice a lot of the same problems that were here over a decade ago still existed. That’s when I started to research what was really going on. The deeper I looked the more I found that I did not like. After much research, due diligence and prayer I have decided to run for Supervisor. We love our community and it deserves to get an elected official that can produce results.

My campaign will be focused on addressing the blight surrounding the Peachtree Mall area and all the problems that come with it. I’m a huge believer in broken window theory and will spend every day fighting to implement it. I will also be a huge proponent of changing the culture of how our district handles money and budgets. The word “surplus budget” will be a daily goal the next four years for me and no longer a foreign concept locally. We need to address our crime issues as well and more importantly get the factual message of what is actually going on to my district residents so there is no confusion or false narratives developing.

I’m a firm believer in going door to door and sitting down and getting to know my district and its concerns and what issues it faces. After my election I intend to govern the same way. I pride myself on being accessible and having a “mobile office”.

You can always reach me direct at djoyce79@gmx.com or 530-301-6433. I look forward to your support every little bit helps. Thank you.


Joyce For Supervisor 2018
5429 Madison Ave Sacramento CA 95841
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